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Kernodle Middle School Orchestra

Hey everyone! If you missed the Kernodle Orchestra performance, or maybe you couldn’t see your child in the back, or that iPhone didn’t quite get the picture that you had hoped for, I’ve uploaded almost 300 photos of your children (all 3 grades).

They’re all available for viewing at the link below AND I’m giving away all of them for FREE in social media optimized format. If you wish to purchase the high resolution downloads, you can do that directly from the online gallery, as well as order prints from my professional lab partner to hang up on your wall (also perfect for grandparents this time of year).

Since I had originally planned on offering my Black Friday discount on these photos before the orchestra date was changed, I will extend that offer for this gallery. If you use PROMO CODE: KERNODLE, I am offering my full resolution digital downloads for 50% off AND Buy 2 Digital Downloads, Get 1 FREE.

The gallery is located at the following link:

p.s. If you would like to schedule a portrait session with your musician, please feel free to contact me @ don.evans@donevansphotography, or 336-510-7477

Hope you enjoy!


Viola Portrait.jpg
Cello Portrait.jpg