I've been in love with photography since I first held my mother's 35mm film camera in the mid 1970's.  I "borrowed" that camera when I went off to college and used it all over Europe and Southwest Asia while serving serving as an officer in the Army.

I finally bought a digital camera to take pictures of our first baby, and a whole new world was opened.  Suddenly, photo editing became possible.

While I am now a Photoshop expert, and love to create art through the manipulation of photos, I still follow the basics that I learned while shooting on film and before it was feasible to shoot 1,000 shots in a few hours.  I select my shots wisely, zoom with my feet, and try to make every shot count.

To paraphrase Werner Herzog, I'm not a garbage collector, I'm a photographer.  Like a thief, I get away with loot from the most fantastic and beautiful people or the most spectacular places you could ever find.  It's hit and run and capture the moment.  I consider myself blessed that I get to do this for a living.  It truly is my passion.

Currently, I am feeding my never ending hunger for learning by combining my love of technology and film and experimenting with videography.